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Special Chess Moves Knight

Special Chess Moves Knight

The knight move is unusual among chess pieces. It moves to a square that is two squares away horizontally and one square vertically, or two squares vertically and one square horizontally. The complete move therefore looks like the letter “L”.
The Pawn can never move backwards. The Pawn also has a special move called “En Passant”, which you can read about in special moves section below. If the Pawn reaches the opposite side of the chessboard, it has the unique ability to promote to another chess piece. The pawn can become a Queen, Bishop, Rook, or Knight.

The most common of the three special chess rules is called castling—a move that is normally used to improve the king’s safety. Castling is the only move that allows two pieces, the king and a rook to move at the same time.
Of all the pieces, one has to admit that the knight most illustrates the romantic aspect of chess. Symbol of an ancient institution in a society that .
How the Chess Knight moves. The Chess Knight should always be placed close to where the action is. Especially in the center it works fine and attacks eight .
The Knight is the piece with the trickiest move in chess. It moves one square in any direction then diagonally one square away from its starting square.

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